Company Profile

UST has its origin in the company "Trelenberg" established in 1953, which removed to Ahrensburg in 1970. In 1988 this company changed in UST-Umwelt- und Schiffstechnik GmbH i.L..

So the expanding business range "environmental protection" could be taken into account, which in former times was specialised in oil pollution fighting on sea.

In the course of years the demands for the inland area have increased, furthermore the controlling of chemical accidents becomes more and more significant. Here UST delivers equipment for inshore waters, harbours, industry, fire-brigades and disaster operation as well as for the coast and sea.

Representing wellknown inland and foreign producers completes the assortment, which extends from absorbing material to a complete oil fighting vessel. The first vessel of this type for the Federal Republic of Germany was delivered by UST. The specialists of UST conclusively joined in the equipment of all federal and many private oil fighting vessels as well as provided Schleswig-Holstein with "Ölwehrgerät" for THW and the fire-brigades.

Also the distribution range of safety armatures can be included in the environmental protection range. As representatives of "Braunschweiger Flammenfilter" in the northern area of Germany UST is not only distributing explosion and detonation proof armatures but there is an essential part in armatures for emission protection.

Because of regulations permanently tightening up regarding the emission protection they are of great importance for the chemical and petrochemical industry. The same clientele - but furthermore the tank shipping branch - is customer of the product "hoses". To this group of products also belong high flexible composite hoses for handling chemicals and petrol products, corrugated flexible metal, PTFE and plastic-hoses especially for bigger sizes (from DN 50 on), as well as special constructions for problematic media, pipe tensioning materials and hose fittings of all kinds and material. All necessary tests can be done by own facilities.

The range "equipment and spare parts for ships" is especially offered for seagoing vessels. The range of products embraces electronically spare parts as well as turbine blades or special gaskets. This multitude of articles, of course, can not be stored. High flexibility takes the place of extensive stock-keeping.

By order of our customers, complete consignment are arranged, packed and shipped. A modern rolling stock enables prompt and reliable delivery. Stored articles normally leave our stock within 24 hours from receipt of order !

For all fields we offer a repair and maintenance service, including a 24 hour emergency stand-by !

Our new building in the industrial area "Ahrensburg Nord" is equipped with all modern electronically and technical devices necessary to give best possible service to our clientele.

World-wide we are well reputed for flexible reaction to customers requirements - especially when quick and reliable service is requested !

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